May 20, 2022

Dumaguete ordinance of plastic bags

August 10, 2011, the city council passed an ordinance REGULATING THE USE AND SALE OF PLASTIC BAGS/ PLASTIC CELLOPHANE (POLYETHENLENE) AS BAGGING MATERIAL.  Arlene and myself as members of Friends of the Environment in Negros Oriental together with our networks advocated for years for this to finally come to this point.

A move to close Perdices Street (the main shopping street) to traffic during weekends and holidays is also now in the city council.  This is a result of Tony Oposa’s lecture here on Road Revolution.

Arlene and myself together with FENOr has saved a mature acacia tree from being cut in Valencia the next town.   We brought it up
during a DENR meeting where the theme was Planting and Growing 5Mio Trees.  The tree saved has now just been pruned.

From now on we are going to bring in the name MISSION in future meetings.