May 25, 2022

Scanning the Artificial Intelligence Landscape (Project SAIL 1.0 and 2.0), Bacolod City

Project SAIL is a school-based MISSION initiative that conducts research on the impact of Artificial Intelligence to many sectors in society in the 21st century.  As advanced societies prepare for its transition towards Society 5.0, an era seen as the fusion between humans and machines.  Those that can afford to adopt AI tech are expected to benefit from these technologies.  However, those who by choice or circumstances remain with the existing business-as-usual mind-sets may face stiff competition, to say the least. 

The research project is geared to explore on the grey area of this emerging technology both in its true capacities, investment costs and drawbacks to inform the society at large.    With the right information and adequate technology, the move towards a Smart Nation, organization, company or institution gets to benefit more on the strengths that the technology brings and curb its negative impacts most especially on the displacement of workers.

It hopes to further promote awareness of national government agencies, particularly the legislative branch to craft laws and policies that regulate the inevitable integration of AI to the nation.  

The research team of Project SAIL are from Club Mendel, composed of selected college students and college professors. This project is funded by a grant from Life Bank Microfinance Foundation. 

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