July 6, 2022

A solution to fake news

Do we have enough capacity to know the real news from the fake ones? What step are we taking in order to discriminate among news sources?

In this article for Aeon, Al Jazeera editor David Johnson offers a solution to the question: how do we pry apart the true and compelling from the false and toxic? Johnson’s answer is simple: transparency. 

When there are mechanisms for people to know which sites are relevant, and which sites purveyors of fake news, and which ones offer a mixture of both true and false reports. 

What remains unsaid in this article, however, is that in this kind of system where there are is no censorship, it is assumed that citizens have the capacity for analysis. The underlying understanding is that all news sources are viewed suspect until otherwise proven to be true. It requires a real capacity for critical thinking and the willingness to uncover the real from the unreal.