July 5, 2022

Farmer scientists condemn approval of Golden Rice in the Philippines

Approval of Golden Rice in the Philippines receives widespread criticism. For farmer-scientist group MASIPAG, our own rice varieties are sufficient in meeting the nutritional needs of Filipinos.

Despite widespread opposition from farmers and consumers in the Philippines, a  Joint Development Circular (JDC) which approved the direct use for food, feed, and processing of genetically modified (GM) Golden Rice was released last December 10, 2019. Several farmers groups have released their own statements on the matter. 

The article below is a statement from the  Magsasaka At Siyentipiko Para Sa Pag-unlad Ng Agrikultura (MASIPAG), the foremost farmer-led research organization on rice agriculture in the Philippines. MASIPAG has been collecting, preserving, and distributing traditional and farmer-bred rice varieties to help farmers reclaim our agricultural heritage.