July 4, 2022

From me to we: activating our highest potential through mutual awakening

This is how our innate desire for connectivity and intimacy ensures that we awaken together to a better future.

There is a reason why social media networks have become popular. Deep in our being, we  know the importance of connectivity, of being one with others. 

In this new 90-minute online workshop with Patricia Albere, we are introduced to the dynamics of a spiritual practice she termed Mutual Awakening. For Albere, in order for us to move into the next phase of our human evolution, we must tap into the more highly evolved parts of our brain which are hardwired for relatedness and engagement. When we connect with each other, when we create and perform collective spiritual practices, we begin to align with the same force that has given birth to all of existence. Our awakening becomes profound and whole, changing the the wuality of our thoughts, actions, life, and work. 

This is an important workshop for us, Filipinos, because it will bring our need for connectivity to an entirely new level. It will also allow us to consciously seek for collective awakening.

This workshop is free for members of the Being and Doing Summit Community. It will be held on January 23, 2020 4-5:30 AM Pacific Time (8:00 to 9:30 PM Manila Time). To reserve your slot, visit the page below. 

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