July 5, 2022

From my Heart to your Heart, Here’s my ALETHEIA and BC Meeting Reflections

MISSION is entering its 6th year this May 2016. In light of this development, we are revisiting the years, and are republishing some of the best articles written by our members. Hope you get inspired by them, in the same way that we were (and still are).

It’s very difficult to capture the Being of ALETHEIA and BC experience but I trust that my version could bring LIGHT to your soul.

…the moment you open your eyes, nature is reminding and telling you to wake up in your true Self.

…as you take a bath, the whole story of simplicity—the essential and not essential is embedded in one bucket.

… as you walk in the “field”, the birds are winging, you find yourself singing and the “sunflower” touches and reminds you of your purpose.

… as you enter the circle of fire, the laughter, hugs, conversations, morning greetings are full of kindness, love and respect, your inner life experiences are deeply honored and appreciated.

…as you move to the higher ground, the WORD of God and everything in, through, with it is revealed and unveiled.

Gong!! As the new journey begins, as you begin to enter the “field”, the Heart makes you SEE that everything is a LOVE STORY.

… it makes you choose to include and transcend together…

…it makes you roll over the ocean and the sea…

…it puts you to a space of deep commitment…

…your JUST IN’s are endless.

…it brings entrainment of your heart and mind and your soul begins to ask, “What’s the heart of my initiative? Is my initiative one with the heart beat of the universe?”

…after you have spoken, another truth is revealed!! And it left you with series of “imaginal questions”, with the WILL screaming, what are you waiting for?

And new cycle of LEMNISCATE process emerges….

…you begin TO SEE the “PRACTICE FIELD” in a different LIGHT and DISCOVERED that you are DEEPLY CHANGED.

Sooo in Love with the LIGHT,

I co-create Life with Courage and Authenticity!

(Photo Credit: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-_-0LfRHkgCY/ThtbzpU4xVI/AAAAAAAAAgM/e1onlwsrKGU/s1600/Img0023.jpg)