July 7, 2022

Home sweet home, Aletheia

Coming to the Aletheia reunion is like coming home, not to a place, but to something intangible that feels like home.  As we arrived one by one, in twos or threes, our eyes light up and we break into smiles as we beheld one another.  Our high feelings prevailed inspite of the unfamiliar cold temperatures and long journeys from places of origin as far as Koronadal and Marbell in Mindanao.  Some had travelled 9 to 12 hours to be in Baguio, a bustling city 6000 ft above sea level in the mountains of the Cordilleras. 

Our Aletheia reunion was held in an old venerable retreat house set in gardens and managed by CICM priests.  The retreat house was aptly called “Home Sweet Home”.  The garden was full of blooming sunflowers and rows of hollyhocks attracting butterflies and bees including occasional hens that reached out to peck at the dried sunflower seeds.

This reunion was indeed special in that all Aletheians from Batch 1 were present, except for dear Cornelius who could not make it from Germany.  So there we were:  Marian, Bardot, Grace, Andy, Sarah, Tet, Tressa, Fr. Tito, Jagat, Cecille, Lucille, Maya, Kate,  Terry, Tammy, Jim, and Nick.  Early in our meetings, we sensed a group energy present that made us one.

Our meetings made us delve into our individual experiences since the Aletheia workshop in May 2011.  Whether or how we incorporated personal mastery exercises, whether we gained or we lost.  We recognized the inspirations and the challenges we faced as individuals, as nodes, and the movement as a whole.  As we listened to one another, we were humbled, amazed and inspired at the developments in each node and their initiatives. Already at this point, the thematic picture of each node is emerging, whether in education, ecology, green business, agriculture, etc. 

In every level from the individual to the national and global, we realize that the practice and deepening of personal and spiritual mastery exercises must accompany us. The conclusion is that the success of initiatives and the whole movement depends on the inner condition of the carrier.

As a movement, MISSION is creating ripples nationally and globally and is synchronized with other emerging movements of the same pattern and idealism.

Gathered in a circle, we hold hands in silence as Nick shares his concluding message of gratefulness and of courage to move on towards our vision of creating a New World.  Saying goodbye was not difficult recognizing that we have deepened our friendships and that we will meet soon again in Iloilo this May.