May 19, 2022

How the climate emergency can lead to more wars

Larry Dossey shows us another reason why we should care for the Earth.

In this article for Explore Journal, Larry Dossey talks about the researchers connecting the climate and aggression. According to statistics, the hotter the climate is, the more prone people are to a specific type of agression: retributive aggression. 

As temperatures increase with the climate crisis, we can expect more personal misunderstandings, and later on, wars. And though climate is not the sole reason for these unrests, existing unjust social conditions will serve as triggers. 

And yet, Dossey says, very few countries pay attention to the climate emergency. He uses the case of the US and Donald Trump’s denial of the existence of climate change, and the possible impact it may have, not only to the environment, but also to global societies. 

Though our own president is not a staunch climate denier, we know based on previous pronouncements and decisions that the reality of the climate crisis still eludes our government. Though there are policies supporting more environmentally sound solutions, they remain in the “nice to know” category. True environmentalism has not yet taken root. 

This work by Dossey offers us a much greater motivation to put the climate agenda a top priority, because here, the environment is not just a dead idea. No matter what social improvements we make, if we fail to truly care for the fabric that binds societies together, then we will continue to fail at making life better for ordinary citizens. 

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