May 24, 2022

Initiatives for a new Philippines

Welcome to a new Philippines.

All throughout the country, there are amazing individuals committed to creating a better country. They come from all walks of life.

Many of these individuals are already creating the foundations of a better society. They are engaged in poverty eradication, cultural work, socially responsible and green businesses, film, design, organic farming, environmental regeneration, community organizing, youth empowerment, peace building, anti-corruption, national and global advocacy work, new spirituality, healing, micro finance, new governance, visionary education, leadership training, media, and so on. MISSION is keenly aware and excited that a better country is being born through these individuals, their initiatives, their networks, and others aligned with the same vision and love for country and the planet.

Thus, MISSION realizes the importance of bringing these individuals and their initiatives together so that they can enhance each other and create greater impact in their own communities and beyond.