July 7, 2022

Local organizations take part in Climate Emergency Hour

If we are to save this planet, we must realize that we are now in a state of emergency.

The world is burning, and our climate is in an emergency. 
In recognition of this reality, staff of the Solution Ecosystems Activators Inc. (SEA) and the Ecosystem of Stakeholders for Agriculture (ESSA) produced a video and poster as contribution to the growing movement raising awareness on the climate emergency [The climate emergency was declared by various countries and cities in 2019. Read about it on this article: The Climate Emergency, Urban Planning, And Wellbeing].

The social media campaign was also launched in support of Greta Thunberg’s message to the world: our planet is dying and we have to wake up to the urgency of our situation [read This Is What Greta Told The World Economic Forum]. 

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