October 23, 2021



In the middle of a global crisis, the potential for a world of our creation is before us.

What is the future that we truly want?

How do we prepare ourselves to make a profound impact on our community?

How do we effect real and sustainable transformation in our world?

Activating & Fulfilling Our Role, Relevance & Effectiveness in the World

Dates: May 2 to 3, 2020
Saturday & Sunday, 9:00am to 5:00pm
Via Zoom *Secure and stable internet connection is highly encouraged.

MISSION COURAGE WORKSHOP or MCW is the flagship workshop of MISSION. Conducted across the country and in parts of Europe, MCW is for individuals and collectives who are seeking to understand “Who am I/are we” as a contributor/s to the current reality of the world and as one wanting to make change happen.

In response to the urgent call of the times, we are taking this workshop to a virtual platform, and we are inviting particularly the young generation to be a part of the process of awakening one’s true potential, and journeying from inner transformation towards societal transformation.

To support the development and spread of this work to many amazing youth like yourselves, a contribution of Php500 is suggested.

To register, follow this link: https://forms.gle/qSyFqnADXbodDscD6

For inquiries, please contact:
Mobile: +63 977 7779047
Email: missioncouragenow[at]protonmail.com
FB: Y-Not Philippines


The Movement of Imaginals for Sustainable Societies through Initiatives, Organizing and Networking or MISSION is composed of committed individuals working for the vision of a new Philippines and a new world.

Website: http://imaginalmission.org/


The Y-NOT?! Program co-creates platforms, processes and environments that facilitate holistic learning for young people through self-mastery, knowledge-building, skills development, initiative-taking, and community life in the context of themes relevant to humanity and the world we live in now.

FaceBook: Y-Not Philippines


“We have all the materials inside of us. With MCW, I realized the importance of willing, and being a changemaker. I am motivated to do something not only to impact my life but also others’. I feel if I keep pushing forward, I am a little bit more courageous to implement my ideas.” – Tiffany

“My takeaways are: 1) the importance of asking the right question. It dictates the kind of journey you take. The experience (MCW), ang lakas ng dating! We hope to be guided on how to ask questions. 2) Knowing where you can get stuck. It has to do with one’s involvement in the lemniscate journey.” – Willa

“Where am I in the journey? The lemniscate is a tool for me to know where I am and how to move forward.” – Renato