July 7, 2022

Finding Hope at PSP Farm

A group of imaginals in Cebu City visited Pag-asa sa Paglaya (PSP) Farm in Brgy. Sirao on July 23, 2011 to observe organic farming practices, earth-friendly livelihood projects and overall farm dynamics and found hope as it journeys through societal transformations.

The said group also immersed itself in the farm’s rich history as told by Rev. Victor A. Labao, Executive Director of PSP Center for Restorative Justice Advocacy and did the stringing-of-the-beads before end of day to relate the experience at the farm to the journey of the imaginal. (See “A Farm of Hope” for an account of some of the group’s sharing and reflections).

PSP Farm is a project of the PSP Multipurpose Cooperative, a nationwide cooperative whose members are mostly renewed ex-prisoners, along with children who are in conflict with the law.

The farm visit is part of the different initiatives of MISSION Cebu.