July 2, 2022

Mission co-founder awarded Most Outstanding Professional for 2012

Image from the Right Livelihood Award Website Nicanor Perlas receives award from the Superbrand Marketing International.

Superbrand Marketing International (SMI) yesterday (August 15, 2012) honored the national building efforts of Nicanor Perlas, Co-Founder of the Movement of Imaginals for Sustainable Societies Through Initiatives Organizing and Networking (MISSION) by conferring on him the Outstanding Professional Award 2012. In the Award book detailing the basis of the Award, SMI entitled its chapter on Perlas as “NICANOR PERLAS: THE PRESIDENT WE MISSED OUT ON”.

The Award cited the global and national impact of the work of Nicanor Perlas as the basis for its award. Specifically SMI noted, among others, the successful leadership role Perlas played in mothballing the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant, preventing the construction of 12 nuclear power plants in earthquake and volcanic zones of the country, banning 32 pesticide formulations, helping launch a P750 million Department of Agriculture program for reducing the use of toxic pesticides by farmers and transitioning them to sustainable agriculture, formulating Philippine Agenda 21, the sustainable development framework of the Philippines, aiding in contextualizing trade relations in Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) under the framework of comprehensive sustainable development, and pursuing, with the help of MISSION, national building by basing societal transformation on profound inner change.

SMI is an award-giving body tasked to celebrate the success of brands worldwide. SMI or Superbrands is the global brand arbiter with 14,000 brands awarded in the past 18 years. It is the only international award-giving body in the Philippines.

SMI said, “Without our professionals, the private and public sectors cannot survive today’s innovations, global developments and best practices. On the agenda is to place center stage our developers who are responsible for our economic and national development.”

“Our modern day heroes need to be identified, celebrated and commended. . . . Nation builders form values promoted by these awardees who have served the country with their tireless and self-less effort to promote employment, education, directives for our country and most of all their practice right here in the Philippines. This obviously was in lieu of foreign opportunities they have had to forego”, continued SMI.

“We are compelled to celebrate the Outstanding Awards. Our awardees today serve as models for the Filipino entrepreneurs and professionals to aspire for. And without these professionals the road to perdition is eminent. Our professionals are living examples for success coupled with the discipline and determination to succeed serving as true examples for our communities. . . . In this way, the outstanding profession becomes a superbrand in a constructive sense, a symbol of a lifestyle that can inspire others to be their better selves”, concluded SMI.

SMI gave its Outstanding Professional Award to 20 individuals, including Perlas. These include Jun Palafox, world-renowned Filipino architect, Albert Garcia, global entrepreneur, Rudolf Kotik, founder and President of the Filipino International Franchise Assocation, Dr. John Teope, young academic powerhouse with 5 doctoral degrees in his belt, and Atty. Perfecto Yasay, former Vice-Presidential candidate.