May 23, 2022

Project Hua, Manila

Project Hua started during the Marawi War in 2017. We were the first civilian visitors (according the doctor who facilitated our visit) to V. Luna army hospital during the first wave of wounded brought in from the field hospitals in Marawi and those who underwent triage at the hospital in Camp Evangelista in Cagayan de Oro (CDO). Our Lakbayani members in CDO were the ones who arranged for our group to visit the hospital where we gave out hygiene kits, snack packages, games (chess, puzzles), and get well cards made by members and friends. We also conversed with the wounded soldiers and their families.

This was followed by several more visits to V. Luna and several visits to the Navy Hospital in Taguig where the wounded Marines were treated. We also sent stuff directly to Marawi (hygiene kits, snack packages, vitamins, phone cards as well as thank you and motivational cards through the Marine office). We also sent cards, care packages, games and many others, to a Marine camp in Sulu.

After the war we  continued sending cards and hygiene kits and snack packs which are being sent to the far flung army camps. There are photos in Lakbayani FB and a video where we recounted our first visit. Not too many photos of soldiers Coz we were told not to post. The last packages and cards we sent was last December 2019.