May 24, 2022

Quantum Agriculture Philippines, UP Los Banos

Quantum Agriculture: for the seed of the new science to be implanted in the academe.

Healing Makiling: A network of friends and allies, mostly from or affiliated with the Los Banos-Makiling community, and who are collectively active in practice and promotion of various initiatives that align with healing the place, the people, and the academe. In general,we are into self-discovery, mastery, and realization. We strive to promote and practice healthy lifestyle for a sustainable society. Friends therein are doing networking, promotion and linking of initiatives that are aligned with alternative lifestyle, natural healing, energetics in agriculture, alternative/Steiner education, conscious parenting, vegetarianism, local, organic, sustainable and disaster resilient food, deep organic/quantum agriculture, agnihotra, homa organic farming, mystical farming, quantum healing, new and indigenous science and practices, including Spirit science, Soul science and Post-Materialist Science.

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