July 7, 2022

Quantum Leaps in Farming

A part of Nature, A Part of Ourselves

To see a part of nature
is to see a part of ourselves.

To understand a part of nature
is to understand a part of ourselves.

To love a part of nature
is to love a part of ourselves.

To share part of nature
is to share a part of ourselves.

To help a part of nature
is to help a part of ourselves.

-Rick Lougren-


What we do to nature we do to ourselves…

Modern Agriculture has cut our ties with mother earth.  Most of our farmers are frustrated by low yields despite the heavy use of fertilizers and pesticides.  It was such a relief to find out that there are so many things that we can do to bring back soil vitality and multiply its yield a thousand times using quantum techniques and practices in Agriculture.

Let us heal mother earth and be healed. Let us enrich our lives and the generations to come by engaging in effective farming practices that will ensure more and healthy harvests with just minimum input and effort. This was the challenge posed at the “Quantum Leaps in Farming” orientation that was organized and offered by MISSION Cebu and was led by Pam Fernandez of the University of the Philippines, Los Baños. The workshop was held last January 20, 2011 at the Pagtambayayong Office in Private, Cebu City.

The orientation was opened with the above prayer read by Gingging Balisacan, followed by a touching and inspiring introduction by Mario Gasalatan and an information-rich and passionate presentation by Pam. It was a well attended event not only by farmers and farm enthusiasts but by people from different walks of life—a medical doctor, an ex-councilor, students, community organizers and a nun—who left so amazed and hopeful to know that more and more farm owners and farmers were transforming their practice towards the sustainable framework of agriculture and were rediscovering the ancient, time tested methods and practices in farming like Biodynamic Farming and Agnihotra.

Time was too short to digest everything that had been presented but much had been learned and much more are yet to be done. A few new connections to start Biodynamic farms in Cebu together were made and there was a lot of interest and energy towards having a second, more intensive and hands-on experience with quantum leaps in farming.