July 2, 2022

Seeds of Transformation, Cebu

SEEDS OF TRANSFORMATION provides training, coaching and consulting services that facilitate the practice of individual and organizational learning.  

The seed of transformation is the potential for transformation. All burning questions and crises, whether personal or organizational, carry with them the Future that emerges when conditions are right. The future has already been contained when the seed of a dream, a goal, a vision was planted.

The overarching process for our work goes by the acronym S.E.E.D. itself, where:

~ Seed is the area or potential for transformation, innovation or evolution, that is revealed in the discovery process
~ Essencing is surfacing and revealing who we are, as individuals, and as an organization being the basis of all that the individual or organization does or create
~ Emerging is clarifying and crystallizing what development, breakthrough or transformation wants or needs to happen
~ Designing is about designing the structure, form, or container that will hold what is emerging; the design process is evolutionary, just like visions that need to evolve over time

The process is iterative and at any stage in the life of the individual or the organization, there is a continuous process of looking for seeds of potential, reconnecting to his or its essence, emerging the future that wants to emerge and designing to ground the evolving future.

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Email: admin@seedsoftransformation.ph

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