May 24, 2022

Teaching citizens to learn throughout life

Will our governments have the courage to afford citizens with the resources to become awakened and enlightened?

Education is important because it determines the kind of people, and the type of mindset that rules society. Education can liberate or imprison a person, enlighten or darken communities. 

The following article written by CDC Reeve talks of a life-long education that governments must afford their citizens: an education that promotes happiness and the pursuit of worthwhile endeavors. Taken this way, Reeves puts the government’s responsibility for peace, prosperity, and unity as steps towards enabling all citizens to fail, make mistakes, learn, and discover.

Reeves also tells us that education is not about getting to a specific destination, but rather, a continuous search. True education puts us in uncomfortable positions, it pushes us to make experiments, to discover our own truths. To transform our educational systems, we must realize that humans have a much greater role to play in this universe. 

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