July 5, 2022

Workshop Courage

We do care about our future, the fate of humanity and the decline of the planet. But many of us also feel we are too small, too insignificant to do anything about the massive problems that are overwhelming our nations and the world. History offers a different picture. Throughout centuries all over the world, individuals, acting together with courage against impossible odds, have succeeded in shaping their societies and in changing the world forever. Socrates, Confucius, Newton, and others like them revolutionized the world. Jose Rizal, Andres Bonifacio and their colleagues similarly altered the destiny of the Filipino nation. We can do the same.

Scholars now know how these outstanding yet seemingly ordinary individuals achieved such inspiring deeds. Building upon these discoveries, we can journey together to begin the process of profound inner and societal change.
Workshop Courage is a unique, proven, and potent integration of science, spirituality, social theory, psychology, and other disciplines – all in the service of profound inner and outer transformation. MISSION has successfully conducted this workshop in key areas of the country as well as in the United States of America and Europe.

Workshop Courage aims to awaken the creative “imaginal” in us, the Infinity within, our Real Self – our massive, unstoppable force for truth, enthusiasm, compassion, courage, good, transformation, and initiative. In addition, the workshop aims to introduce participants to MISSION,s framework of societal transformation that creative individuals (imaginals) consciously becoming and acting together can realize.