July 3, 2022

The Art of Subtle Activism

A transformed individual is the most effective instrument for healing the collective.

From the very beginning, MISSION has inculcated in its members the importance of personal transformation to the success of our societal transformation work. For example, meditation became a tool for controlling focus, so that we learned to distinguish the necessary from the unnecessary in our daily work and personal lives. We used to think it would help us do our work more effectively, but now we know that our personal striving has a more profound effect on our societal work.

In this article for Kosmos Journal, David Nicol explains to us the concept of subtle activism, and the role in can play in creating a new world. Nichol explains to us the value of spiritual practice, not just as a method towards personal liberation, but also as a solution to sociopolitical and environmental concerns. In a world beset with numerous issues (social unrest, poverty and hunger, injustice, discrimination, and the climate emergency, to name a few), subtle activism offers hope. It gives a much deeper meaning to the phrase, “to change the world, we must change ourselves first”.

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