July 7, 2022

The climate emergency, urban planning, and wellbeing

The climate is in crisis and thousands of cities around the world have declared an emergency. How are you helping to resolve this problem?

Back in 2019, various cities around the world declared a climate emergency – a reaffirmation of the fight to address climate change and the need to it social and economic justice at the center of all these efforts.  In the Philippines, only three cities have signed the Declaration – Bacolod, Cebu City, and Tolosa (visit  the Climate Emergency Declaration website to read the listing of governments that declared a climate emergency].

The following article summarizes some of the actions currently being done by governments to tackle the problem. Though the cities mentioned here are found in the US, Europe, and Australia, it is hoped that whoever reads this article can develop new ideas to address the climate emergency at home, in their organizations, if not in their communities, and cities.