July 3, 2022

This is how Filipinos deal with chaos

The eruption of the Taal volcano has shown us the true beauty of the Filipino.

I have never been more proud to be a Filipino than I am today, for once again, the Filipino spirit has shone brightly amidst chaos.

Just mere hours since the news of the Taal Volcano eruption, organizations have started mobilizing for relief operations. But it isn’t just government and private institutions that are taking part – individuals, too, are throwing in any support they can offer. Faith in humankind: restored!

This article is a tribute to those who are wholeheartedly giving their best to ease the burden of those who are severely affected by the eruption. May this culture of unity and selfless giving, of Bayanihan, always be alive in us [read Bayanihan: A Forgotten Legacy if you wish to have a deeper understanding of this concept]. For in an era of climate crisis such as what we have now, this is the only way we can continue to hope for a brighter future.

I have scoured the internet to document some (for there are many of them!) these efforts so you can find them in one place, as well as to serve as a reminder of the inherent beauty of the Filipino spirit.

When individuals reclaim their power to transform situations

When organizations set aside their own agenda to help those in need

Taal Relief Operations at the PUP-Sto. Tomas in Batangas
Taal Relief Operations by UP-MMDA-Vanguard-K9
Call for donations by the Gerry Roxas Leaders