July 7, 2022

This is what Greta told the World Economic Forum

The following is a transcript of the speech given by Greta Thunberg to the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting in Davos. In this speech, Thunberg states that if we wish for our children to have any kind of future, we must stop ALL carbon emissions. Small steps to reduce carbon emissions are honorable, but the time for such steps is over. We have entered a climate emergency, and our planet is literally burning. We must act appropriately – all other steps to reduce carbon emissions are merely distractions. 

Thunberg‘s words are a challenge to the existing economic and political systems. Will our governments finally concede? Will common citizens have the courage to do the minimum requirement to avert further damage to our planet? Thunberg may be focusing on the climate emergency, but really what she is asking us is to be true to ourselves: will we choose power and money over the continuity of all life?

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