July 2, 2022

Transition Town Movement, Dumaguete and Dauin

What is Transition?

Transition is a movement of communities coming together to re-imagine and to rebuild our world, creating strong, connected, self-sufficient communities.

~ Based on Permaculture principles: uses resilience indicators
~ Relocalization: focuses on the positive, cooperative responses to change
~ Inclusive and systems view

History of the movement

Transition is a movement that has been growing since 2005. It is about communities stepping up to address the big challenges they face (climate emergency, peak oil, economic contraction ) by starting local. By coming together, they are able to create solutions together. They seek to nurture a caring culture, one focused on connection with self, others, and nature. They are reclaiming the economy, sparking entrepreneurship, re-imagining work, re-skilling themselves, and weaving webs of connection and support.

Courageous conversations are being had; extraordinary change is unfolding.

Goal: Re-localization – An effort to revitalize societies and improve security by developing LOCAL sources of food, water and energy and strengthening local governance, culture and trade or currency.

Methods of Community Awareness Building

World Cafe Open space Plans: February 8, 2020, Saturday

Start a World Cafe event for 12 people: Transition Cafe to Create Meaningful Dialogue on Visions for Dumaguete 2030