July 2, 2022

Tuburan holds Steiner Education Seminar facilitated by RStEP

Question: What’s the first sign that a child is ill? Answer: s/he isn’t playing. The lifeblood of a healthy child is natural, self-directed free play. And they do not need many toys for this; just a few simple ones made of cut up wood, for instance, that can be transformed into a boat, a car, a house, or a plate.

Next question: What should a teacher do if his/her students are uncharacteristically unruly? Answer: The teacher should ask himself/herself first, “How am I today?” Wouldn’t that be just wonderful – schools where teachers continually assess themselves and asking, “Am I thinking kind thoughts?” “Am I feeling happy?” “Am I being gentle and kind?” Steiner teachers are exactly like that. They understand that young children are like sponges, absorbing their surroundings as sense impressions. Young children don’t just copy the teacher outside but also mirror the teacher’s feelings, attitudes, and thoughts – even if these aren’t “transparent.”

Creative indoor and outdoor free play and kindergarten teachers’ great personal mastery – these were some of the things discussed by more than 50 parents, teachers, administrators during the two-day Steiner Education Seminar held on March 3-4, 2012 at the Food Cove Conference Room, 2nd floor NCCC Mall, Davao City. Guest speakers Bella Tan and Jake Tan from Rudolf Steiner Education Philippines (RStEP) also talked about the twelve senses; the image of a willing, feeling, thinking human being; the development of a child from conception, pregnancy, to birth; educating the willful child; nurturing the dreamy consciousness of the child; creating the best learning environment that optimize children’s creativity and imagination and draw out their full potential; etc.!

Aside from the potential Tuburan parents and teachers who came, there were colleagues from various schools in Davao City and Koronadal City: Ateneo de Davao University, South Point School, Tender Years, Green Valley School, Notre Dame of Marbel University, Values School Davao, Beacon Learning Center, Assumption College of Davao, Jose Maria College, LCB Performing Arts Center, and Circular Home Child Development.

Thank you Tito Jake and Tita Bella and all those who came!

Because of the success of this Steiner Education Seminar, Team Tuburan is inspired to bring more facilitators, mentors, and experts to Mindanao for trainings, workshops, seminars, and lectures – which will be open to all!