July 7, 2022

Tuburan prepares for school opening in June 2012

Kate Estember and Maya Vandenbroeck of Tuburan Institute, Inc. the non-stock, non-profit, Steiner-inspired school in Davao City, have been in Manila for almost a month now staying with Tammy Dinopol (of MISSION Manila node) to join Bella Tan and Jake Tan’s Steiner/Waldorf Education Workshop and learn how to make dolls, knit, tell stories, etc. They are enjoying the discussions on the image of a human being beyond just the typical Waldorf description of “head, heart, and hands” or “thinking, feeling, and willing.”

Maya: “It’s beautiful how Tita Bella and Tito Jake present anthroposophy into digestible bits for us so that from now on, Theosophy, Philosophy of Freedom, The Foundations of Human Experience, and all the rest of Rudolf Steiner’s books are going to be so much easier to read!”

When they’re not at the Steiner/Waldorf Education Workshop, Kate and Maya are visiting the Steiner/Waldorf-inspired schools: Sophia Waldorf School, Manila Waldorf School, Acacia Waldorf School, St. Michael Playhouse, and Kolisko Waldorf School.

Kate: “They have all been very accommodating and have gone out of their way to answer our questions, even accompany us to Divisoria to go shopping, photocopy books, and gift us some of their own handmade toys!”

Maya: “The whole Metro Manila experience – at the workshop, at the Steiner/Waldorf-inspired schools, being with Tammy’s family – has helped us reflect and assess what “rhythms” to adopt and adapt in our own Mindanao school context.”

Tuburan Institute, Inc. will open 2 kindergarten classes in June 2012. Every year, successive classes will be added until the full 12 years of elementary and secondary education are catered for.