July 4, 2022

We need courage, not hope, in facing the climate emergency

Perhaps we can no longer reverse the climate emergency, but we can make the journey meaningful and worthwhile.

In this 2018 article for On Being, long before the climate emergency was declared, climate scientist Kate Marvel already expressed that climate change (as was the term used then), can no longer be reversed. Even the best of our science cannot stop the ecological turmoil we will be experiencing. The time of hope is over, she says. What we need now is courage. Courage to do well, to do what we can, despite the fact that there is no assurance of a happy ending. 

This article is an important reminder for all of us, change makers, regardless of the advocacy we adhere to. There is no guarantee for success, and yet, here we are, still doing our best to effect change. These small acts of change, little molecules of movement, radiating with light and combined to a coherent whole, will makes the journey meaningful and fulfilling.

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