July 3, 2022

What is food?

Why are MISSION members so particular with the kind of food they eat?

Food is an important part of the Filipino culture. Whenever we have orientations for new YIP [see the Youth Initiative Program], we always say that in the Philippines, we say hello in a peculiar way: Kumain ka na ba? (Have you eaten already?)

But for us in MISSION, we look at food in a different way. A number of our members are vegetarians and vegans, and almost all pay attention to the kind and the source of the food they eat. I remember when we were organizing the first Liwanag World Festival, there was also a huge debate on the kind of food we will offer participants. Why do we pay so much attention to food? 

This article from Dr. Michael Cheikin looks at the nature of food, and explains how it can be instrumental in achieving our goals for personal and societal transformation. 

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