July 7, 2022

Birthing Center

The Birthing Center
holds and cares
for the whole of MISSION.

It tends to MISSION’s welfare as gardeners tend to their garden – its seeding, nourishment, growth, and contribution to the larger eco-system that is our society, nation, planet, universe. The BC’s main tasks, in summary, are:

  • Encourage and nurture the healthy development of MISSION as a whole.
  • Assist in the formation of Area, District. Regional, and/or Thematic Nodes.
  • Increase and mobilize its members to pursue MISSION goals, programs, and projects.
  • Engage in the leadership and competence-building of members for societal transformation on the basis of spiritual and personal mastery.
  • Harmonize local needs with the needs of the whole.
  • Continually sense the movement as a whole to aid in innovative programming and decision-making

The Birthing Center’s composition must be such that it is able to bring the wholeness of the movement in its nurturing, balancing, and decision-making processes. It is thus constituted to reflect geographic, thematic, and historical wholeness.Geographic wholeness means that, in principle, the varied perspectives and aspirations of all Area, District, and Regional Nodes are found in the Birthing Center.