July 5, 2022

Why I Support the 10 Mio Trees In 10 Years for a Greener Negros Movement

Many will wonder why because wasn’t it only a few months ago that we were very strongly against the Energy Development Corporation’s road expansion into our last natural forest in Mt. Talinis. I am warned by some that the 10M in 10 is only “pahumot” and there may be ulterior motives to this movement.

I thought deep about this after needing to listen and needing to read the information available.

It is a fact that Negros Island has lost a great portion of its forest cover. (84 % as of 2010). It is a fact that there is a great urgency to reforest especially restore indigenous forests of Negros Island. We have seen reforestation efforts using exotic species of gmelina, mahogany and mangium. There are efforts by groups and individuals to do tree planting and tree growing but we know these efforts will never enough to achieve the healthy balance of forest needed for this island to get out of its critical condition.

Can any group do this ambitious program alone? Can EDC’s BINHI program plant 10 million trees in 10 years alone? Can DENR? We know it is not possible. But it is possible if we work together. A movement of this magnitude is no whimsical act. I lay aside any judgement to support this movement and I do this with my whole heart.

The idea to come from the business sector to unite as many LGUs, government agencies, NGOs, Church, schools and institutions, civil society and the business sector for a greener Negros is exciting. It is so essential to involve all sections of society and many have signed in as partners. It is in the spirit of 3-folding promoted by MISSION (Movement of Imaginals for Sustainable Societies through Initiatives, Organizing, and Networking) where government, civil society and business work together towards the common good.

If people were not to support this movement now for one reason or another, we would miss perhaps our only chance to green Negros Island and we would be the poorer for it. Even our very own survival would be at stake.
Imagine now Business, Government, and Civil Society united towards the greening of Negros Island. Imagine the connections made, the welding of networks, all for a sustainable planet (for movements like this will be copied and improved upon). Imagine humanity cooperating and working together. Yes, imagine. For it is happening now.

(Photo Credit: http://dumaguete.info/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/10m-in-10.jpg)