July 3, 2022

Why privacy matters

Knowledge is power. An in a world of emails and social media, the more data we hand over to these websites, the more disempowered we become.

In various meetings in MISSION, we have discussed the need to protect our privacy by avoiding using the services of companies that collects and sells our personal data. Unsurprisingly, many of us have expressed our hesitations: “But it’s easier to reach people on Facebook!”, “I’ve been using this email address my entire life!”, “But it’s so convenient, why do I need to find a new app?”, and of course, “My entire life is already online, there’s nowhere to hide”. 

How many hours a day are we online? How much time do you spend on Facebook and email? The question here not only relates to the amount of time lost, but also, the amount of data you have willingly offered to these companies. 
The following article written by Carissa Veliz explores the importance of protecting your privacy, and in the process, protecting our power. 

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